The First Warm Spring Day of 2022

Hi everyone! Has it really been 3 YEARS since I last made a post?! Wild. Since then I've gotten married, had a child, bought my first house with my wife, and fully jumped back into the bonsai hobby. Bonsai means a lot to me and is something that I truly love; it's a part of... Continue Reading →

Wait, what?

I've been getting notifications every now and then that I would get a new follower on this blog and I'd think "Oh, that's neat." I checked my follower count tonight and I'm up to over 50?! You all are cool, thanks for that! I gotta be honest with you all, I've been doing really well... Continue Reading →

You Did What?!

Today I did a thing. I traded one large tree for one small tree. It may sound dumb, and looking at pictures it may just be dumb, but in the winter smaller trees are just easier to deal with. Less foliage means less lighting needed. This is a tree I recently received, but realized was... Continue Reading →

The Current Collection

First of all, a very Happy Father's Day to all those who have the privilege of calling themselves father's. May your day be full of beer and love. This is just a quick post about my current collection. I've got a few trees, all Ficus of course, and all in different stages of development. Let's... Continue Reading →

Top 75 Best Bonsai Blogs

I received an email a couple weeks ago from someone with Feedspot who told me my blog had recently been ranked in the top 75 best bonsai blogs on the internet. Which, as you can imagine, threw me off. When you look at real professional bonsai blogs, such as AdamAskWhy you can easily understand why he ranked... Continue Reading →

I’m Back Baby!

After a short, several month break, I'm diving headfirst back into the hobby. There are two trees that I kept, but sold every other one. Those two trees are a Ficus I grew from seed, and a Ficus obliqua that I received from Jerry Meislik. Both trees were placed next to the dining room window.... Continue Reading →

Something Different…

Hey guys and gals,   You may have noticed I haven't posted in a couple of months. There's a good reason for that: I no longer have any trees. Over the past few months I've slowly been selling off my collection, partially due to a lack of interest, and partially because of a lack of... Continue Reading →

A Very Figgy Christmas 

It's happened, the Royal Ficus has figged. There had been dormant figs sitting on the tree for a couple months, but the other day it pushed new, fresh figs. It's also full of new leaves and happy growth.  Looks like the small indoor greenhouse is working well. Thanks T5 lighting!

It’s Aliiiive! 

No, this isn't Frankenstein, this is Ficus. The Royal Ficus, to be specific.  Today I checked on the greenhouse trees and saw good results. The Royal Ficus is pushing out lots of new growth, and one of the natalensis cuttings is pushing roots out of its styrofoam cup.  Here's that picture: If there is constant... Continue Reading →

The Royal Ficus is Sick…

I realize now that I never made a post about this tree, so here's a two-parter. I bought this Ficus from Scott Lee (Blue River Bonsai) on Facebook back in August. I call it the "Royalty Ficus" because it was once in Suthin's Royal Bonsai Garden. Here's the tree as it was back when I... Continue Reading →

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